Sunday, September 20, 2009

Extending our Outreach

As you may know, the Human Rights Coalition grew out of the board's desire to help the victims of the genocide in Darfur. With up to 300,000 killed and 2.7 billion displaced, the genocide has become a concern for human rights organizations all over the world.

In our first (and unofficial) year as a club, we held successful events such as the national Fast for Darfur and a school supply drive/kit making for the Darfurians in Internally-Displaced-Persons and refugee camps. I'm proud to say it was successful, despite the obstacles we faced as an unofficial club.

As our constitution states, we must shift focus each year, so that we can extend our outreach to humanitarian crises worldwide. I hope we continue to educate our community about the genocide and fundraise for relief efforts. However, I also hope that we can take advantage of our official standing to devote as much time and effort as possible to brining relief to those in need around the world, from victims of genocide, to those of human trafficking, tribal discrimination, and other forms of prejudice.

The power to make a difference exists within each of us. As long as we keep that in mind, the Human Rights Coalition will accomplish so much more as an official club.

Stephanie Solis
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

helllllloooo (:

Hi everyone (:

This blog was created for the Human Rights Coalition club (unofficial, of course) in NBTHS.

Here the club board and its members will be posting their thoughts and ideas about our current and upcoming projects where everyone can see them! This is also where we are going to post important dates (meeting times,events, etc.)

New changes will be coming up soon.

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